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Ok I know when you go to a parts shop, you always see APC. What do you think about it????

I don't want that shit on my car!
i laugh everytime i see a car with an APC sticker. also, Advanced Auto Parts is giving away some "customized" Ford Focus done up by APC. looks a lil lame to me..
Hey...wait a sec...I wanna jump on the "I hate rice cause it makes me cooler" bandwagon w/ all those other tough guys...

:axe: :bash:
its not about rice or not rice .... its about SHIT quality products
Ahh so true.

I've seen maybe 2 products from APC that were decent... And the bad thing is that they were for a Mustang... Lemme grab the pic.

I know most of you guys hate Mustangs, but these headlights really make an old, unbecoming headlight design look pretty spiffy.

Ok, nevermind, the site is down. I'll show you guys later.
you talking about the tinted headlights for the stangs?

Also, apc back in the day, before they were "mainstream" made decent taillights (i'm talking 96-97).. they made them for mini's and didn't start on imports till they got "big".
Nah, the smoked headlights are ubercool, but I'm thinking the crystal headlight/corner/inner headlight combo. Those things look pretty trick.
yea, i've seen those. I think they look sic on the stangs.. my dime had a pair, they didnt look so cool without the crystal corners, so i yanked em.
Here's the set... They look MUCH better on the car... especially a black or white one...
Those are pretty clean. They would definitely cure the "yellow fogged up" syndrome so common with those Mustangs...
Corral came back up. Cool.

Daddy Likes.... :drool:

Interesting though... APC lights on a car with these specs...

'91 AOD GT convertible
10.77 @ 126.44 w/1.57 60'
451 rwhp / 464 rwtq



i saw the altezza lights on a early fox body mustang saturday driven by an older gentleman. they didnt look right at all on that car. those corners for em tho look pretty good.
For a true perspective, I don't like products that don't actually produce anything whether it be HP,TQ,Handling,braking,etc. From a business perspective, sell what sells, period.

Originally posted by JDMilan@Jun 15 2003, 01:37 PM
From a business perspective, sell what sells, period.


That's why the upper crusty shops will always sell cheap body kits and cheap accessories. That's where the money is.
I agree with milan. From a business perspective, if dumshit ricers want to spend money on LED washer nozzles and neon shift knobs, make :spin: them and laugh all the way to the bank.