B16a In 90 Hf

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Junior Member
Juss got a some what built B16A (ITR manifold, CTR pistons, GSR cams, AEM cam gears STR fuel rail etc.) and 90' CRX HF will it fit? (with the ITR Manifold) and what do i need to know for it to go SMOOTHLY? (Do I need to change the wheel hubs, and what wiring problems will i have, this is my frist swap, please help)
yes it will fit like it was meant to go there (in japan it actually did). you'll need the engine's ecu and you'll have to wire for v-tec....3 wires and an extra 02 sensor i believe. you'll have to modify the shift linkage and axles i think.....if your dual point injection you'll have to wire for multipoint....you'll also need mounts.
yea you have to get new hubs off a si or dx cause the hf is to small...also make sure you get all the parts befor hand or it will take you longer to the swap...it took me 2 weeks cause i had to go junkyard and parts store every day