B16a Into A 98 Ex

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Anyone know if there is a site w/ what I need and a what I need to do to put the motor in? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance. L8

b16a what?
if you get the b16a2 from a 99-00 civic si, it bolts right in for the most part. se OUR swaop section. you are on THE sit for swap info- why would you come here asking for links to inferior sites? come on dude :p
I did a b16a2 swap in my 98 ex. I took one full day. use your wire harness and get a gsr ecu (obd2), need a del sol radiator with hoses, and everything else you need should come with the motor. I have no A/C or power steering, but I think for the A/C all you need is the A/C bracket off the del sol. I havn't tried it yet, cause I cant find one if anybody knows where I can get one tell me.
are you using a usdm 99-00 b16a2? or a Sir-II, either way i'd suggest that you don't go with a gsr ecu because of it's vtec engagement point and butterfly bullshit, just my .02 but i'd use a p2t 99-00 si ecu and get a obd2a->b plug harness.
The motor is from my old 00 Civic Si. Someone told me that I would need to buy adapters for all the wireing hookups. This will be my first import engine swap ive done. I have done domestic engine swaps before so I think I can do it. But I just wanted to check with the import masters before I did anything. Thanx again for all the help.
yeah dude that shit is gonna drop right in the onlything thing your gonna need is a obd2a-obd2b adapter, because even though they are both obd2 the plugs differ from 96-98 and 99-00
Sorry to bring up old topics, but the topic what I am dealing with.. I am swapping in a b16a2 out of a 99 si into my 96 dx hatch. Would I use the dx harness or the si harness? I will be using the si ecu. Also, where would I find a adapter obd2a-obd2b connector?

Thanks in advance