B16a Laggs

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Junior Member
well, i just have a b16a motor put in my crx,., i runs great but there is one small problem. the engine laggs a little. it feels like when you shift to0 early and the car laggs. i replaced the ingnition wires and sparkplugs but it still does it. does anyone have any idea what the problem is?????? all recomendations and advice is appreciated.

you mean shift to early at high revs it prob drops out of vtec. Try checking the timing. Its only a b16 you dont have much torque if yo shift at low rpms to keep you flyin
i don;t thing its the rpm, the shifting early thing was just an example. it was the closest thing that i could think of that resembles the lagg. what you think?
If it's just happening lately, do a complete tuneup and see what happens. Change cap, rotor, oil, filter, air filter, check timing, top off fluids, fuel filter (if it's been a while), reset throttle cable tension, everything.