B18a1 or b18b1 for boost in a 90 Crx Ecu?

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Allright, I have been getting some help with my upcoming motor swap. I am working on doing an ls turbo into a 90 crx. What I dont know is if its okay to use a b18a1 vs the b18b1 motor. I would rather use the first because its the same gen. motor, so I think swap would be faster. But I do know that the b18b makes more power. I am going to be doing rods, pistons, cams, sleeves, etc, so am I going to see this power loss? And what ecu do I want to use, the b18a1 (obd0), or the b18b1 (obd1). I know if I use the older ecu that I can't use hondata like I would like, but how much work is it to swap ecu's from the b18a to b18b? Any help would really be appreciated guys. Thanks
you can use hondata... just get an obd0 to obd1 wiring harness... and me not knowing jack about the b series i dont know if i should give input... but the way i look at it, if you're redoing everything that made the motor originally, i dont see why the power difference would make much of a difference, of course they do say the higher you start the higher you stop
If you are rebuilding the motor just get the B18A1 from a 90-91 LS and the ECU from the same. The swap will be much easier and you can get bolt ons to make as much power as the B18B does.
Great. Just what I needed to know guys. Thanks