b18b question

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my gf's hatch was swapped when she bought it. it has the 95 and up valve cover. and also it still has the civic ecu i was told from the previous owner. the car runs alright except for some "farting?" when u hold at a certain rpm than let off. would it run at all if it wasnt swapped properly. meaning not having the emissions changed, dizzy and i think alternator??
What year is her Hatch?

My opinion on the valve cover is that don't always tell you what OBD the engine is like some people say. I have a 94 B18B1 I swapped in my EG a few months ago. I don't like the older style LS valve covers so I went to the junk yard and got one they had from a 98 CR-V(B20) and put that on..looks like the later year LS valve covers. So if I sold my motor and someone judged the engine to be OBD2 because of my Valve cover there wrong.