b18c1 swap

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Junior Member
I have a problem. I can't get my engine to run. I install a b18c1 in to a 94 civic EX. The engine start.. but when I give it gas... the car would shut off..
I'm using a p28 with gsr programing. I have a skunk 2 intake.. the engine is a obd1. If anybody have idea what the problem is pls respond. I've been working on this for 2 month now..
I would wonder about the ecu reprogramming. How was the wiring done, aftermarket adapter harness or the old fashioned way?
i first had a problem putting 95 b18c1 into dx 93 hatch non v-tec had to add 7 wires.took me 8 hours to get in and running correctly.found map sensor harness from b18c1 is attach to engine harness and the civic map sensor harness was at the fire wall.try plugging the civic map plug to it.