B20 question

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i am wanting to swap a B20 engine into my civic hatch, not B20 vtec yet but just the B20 alone for now, because i am on a tight budget. i was wondering whats the redline for the engine. plus do i need any mods b4 i swap the engine in such as mount kits, pistons cams, etc... does anybody know the quarter mile time for b20 engine in a hb?
If you're on a budget, don't bother with pistons/cams etc... they cost a lot. All you really need is new mounts.
i think i am getting the b20Z cuz it got more HP and Torque therefore faster, but there isnt really a difference when swapping b20b and b20z is there, they both 2.0 L ? oh and i am swapping it into a 92 CIVIC HB. is there a chance that the Mount kit will break cuz the b20z have a lot of torque for a light car. Plus is it safe to rev high. any answer would help thanks
if you go wit a b20b or z you have to get a obd 2 to 1 harness and there about 200-300 dollars... i think you need a ls intake manifold and a tranny for any b seires you want.
right- you need the ls intake mani on the b20b, but not with the b20z.
and you need b-series tranny... the crv one is gay and has 4wd shit
it would be easier to lower the shit out of a CRV and swap bodies with the civic
You should swap them both out. The B20Z has a shorter intake manifold than the B20B's "giraffe" setup (I think it's the shorter one, don't remember), and may fit under your hood. I'd still go with the LS intake manifold for both though.