B20 Vs B18 In 5g Cx

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What are the advantages of running the B20 block with Ls trans vs just running the ls swap. This swap is going into a 93 Cx hatch daily driver with some drag duty every now and then. Im planning on keeping this motor n/a with mods after the swap consisting of crower cams, skunk gears and manifold. Is it worth getting the crv block bc it seems like its going to end up being more than a basic ls swap. Also I am aware that you have to use an Ls manifold to clear the hood line in a civic. I understand that they are the same block only the b20 has a 84mm bore does that .02L make a difference.. I see that the b20z has vtec which is an advantage over th ls but which ECU would I have to run if using this combo plus these motors are obd 2 going into an obd 1.

:worthy: Please give me your opinions on this subject

I didnt think any had vtec until the owner of my local shop said the new JDM ones did. Nevermind if the crv having vtec. I dont want a B16 swap and cant afford the gsr swap. I either want a B20 w/ ls trans or an Ls swap.
I want the opinion on which is a better choice between these two set ups not to be told to get a B16. I dont want the B16 b/c i want a motor with more torque not just high end power b/c i can always spray to gain power up top.
Originally posted by Baker@Mar 16 2003, 09:23 PM
no b20 is vtec, if you plan on staying N/A get a b16 or a b18c

yes the jdm does have vtec, the american one doesnt. If you want a larger displacement in n/a go for a h22 swap. you get vtec plus a little more than the b20.
Has anyone done a b20 w/ LS or Gsr trans. If so I would like to know how it turned out. Also does anyone have an opinion on an LS vs. B20 beside to just get a b16.
go with the b20 cause their torque is 133 compared to 128 to the b18b, and 6 more hp. Plus down the line you might want to consider doing a cr-vtec conversion, and you'll have nice highend and torque.
i have'nt been keeping up with this post. but i believe that the crv is just a bored out ls. so you might as well get the ls and bore it out, i could be wrong on the subject. if you know anything about it, please post so me and everybody else can know for future reference. gracias!
i believe the b20z is a v-tec b20. For a n/a setup i'd go with the b20, in the long run you will be better of with the displacement. I have run a n/a b20 non-vtec in a h/b si and it was damn quick. Alot more torque than my b16. I am going to b20 also but i am a turbo setup. Hope this helps...just my .02
Here is B20Z that is vtec,oh wait no sorry that's a crvtec.No the only ones that have vtec are the new ones.Here is a good ID chart.If they came with vtec would they be prime choice's for the conversion?Probably not.