B20Vtec Not reliable

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okay i found this one site that talks about why people shouldnt go for Ls/vtec ( b20vtec) and after i read this article, it makes me think should i do it or not? everyone notice the end of this article there is a quote by a guy that discourage ls/vtec ( cr vtec)

" ...the ls/vtec, in my mind, is a piece of shit. i've had one... and now i want a b16 because i've ridden in a car now with a b16 and a host of skunk 2 parts. believe me... if you do your b16 right and choose your parts correctly you're better off... fuck the ls/vtec. -5gencivic "

" 5gen had a 12sec. LS/VTEC setup himself, and even HE discourages it. That says ALOT coming from someone who pured their blood, sweat, and tears (not to mention alot of money) into their car... only to discourage others from doing the same.

Makes ya think don't it?"

read this kinda makes me not wanna go b20vtec after all..... unless u guys can convince me... what do you guys think?
uh, there was not one piece of real information as to why not to go ls/vtec or cr/vtec. all they basically said was ' yo, fuck this shit, dog'

why would that 'make me think' or make you think for that matter? so now we're supposed to convince you to go ls/vtec, because you heard the opinion of some (how to put this nicely?) fucktard.

here, let me convince you..

yo fuck dat b16 dog!!!! that shit is mad whack u dig????? its a piece of shit!!! y??? cuz i said!!!!!!!

lol! B found some good info one time on why the LS/VTEC is bad! I think it was on the old forums. B post that site again... It talked about why the LS/VTEC is bad because of R/S ratio!
Ok, now for some real info...

I've got 40k on my B20/VTEC and it's performing just as well as day 1. Granted, I had it built by arguably the best guy in the business for these engines, but it runs extremely well. The setup is reliable- you just have to build it properly.
I am running an LSVTEC that I built with the help of two friends in my garage. Running strong for something like 3K. I haven't had my hybrid as long as Claesta, but one of the friends that helped out built his LSVTEC and has run it for 25K miles. Anyone that says their LSVTEC or B20VTEC was unreliable tried to be cheap with the build or just plain had the heads up their asses when they built it. These Hybrids are as reliable as you build them.
My friend's friend is running a B20 block/B16 head and it runs more than good. Took it for a test drive when he went inside to pick up his friend, hehe. 213 whp with no turbo = ownage.
any car- any motor - any anything is only as safe/reliable as one builds it.

be it honda motor company of japan, or you and a friend in your garage.