Best (easy/cheap) Swap For A 93 Dx Hatch

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i just want peoples opinions on what engine to swap into my 93 dx 5spd hatch, this is not going to be a racer, just a fast daily driver that i can smoke the occasional mustang off of red lights with. i'm working with about a 2500 budget and i need something that is easy, so me and some friends can put it in worry free without having to buy tons of extra parts to make it fit, thanks for any help


I wanna be sedated
$2500 will get a B16A siRII in there and it is pretty quick,but you could start with a B18B and add some bolt ons.


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the ls motor is a great motor choice to start out with. especially since you're not going to race it out, you're just going to use it as a daily driver. with a couple of bolt ons, you should hold your own against the stangs.