Best Muffler For Turbo Appl.

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My freind has an exhuast shop and is going to bend me a 3" exhaust.I need to buy a universal muffler for it.Im looking at a Apex N1 turbo muffler.Any good?Any suggestions?
Most muffler shops dont do mandrel bends, thats what you would want for maximum flow.

I would either invest in some 3 inch mandrel bends and have him weld those in place of crush bends, or buy a pre made 3 inch exhaust.

The apexi n1 turbo muffler is about as good as it gets as far as flow...Very nice quality on apexi parts
Your shop should beable to help you out with that question

I myself run a aftermarket 3" Porsche turbo muffler



the exhaust is all custom 3" piping the tighter bends are cut welded cut welded...


under $400 shipped to my house. just gotta weld it up and attach the hangars. mendrel 3"

KTeller8 on honda-tech made it
pissedoffsol - I liked the looks of that system so much that I got in touch with Mike myself and talked about getting a system done (without muffler)! Thanks for the recommendation!

As for the muffler, I'm looking at the Apexi N1 muffler, it's simply the best one out there, but while I was looking I saw a series of these that were different colors. The magenta and green were really ugly, but they have a nice gold one and a nice black one. This is not so much a performance question, but with my anthracite silver color 96 hatch, do you think a black or gold muffler would be ricey or what? I usually hate rice, but I wasn't sure about this one.
rice. stick to a stainless steel exhaust.
if you are after the n1 style, consider the kakimoto axel back. but on top of all things- keep in mind that the n1's are made for NA, and aren't 3" (at least i've neevr seen one)
The N1 comes in 60mm (2.375 inches) inlet and 80mm (3.175 inches) inlet.

As for the rice, yeah, I agree, except for the black colored muffler. It seems like it would be just the opposite of rice because it doesnt' stand out so much. Anyone else?
The Apexi N1 rules, I have the black one since my car is black and it makes it stand out less than the silver shinny look. I love it becuase its nice and quiet but flows very good. I would say the Black, gold or just silver would look good but if you don't want to look like your just another guy with a huge muffler the black helps it less noticable and the welds and quality is awesome. Well thats my 2 cents.
I have a 5Zigen fireball catback and I was thinking about getting it powdercoated gunmetal grey. The fireball is a darn nice catback. I would suggest it for your turbo build-up. But it will all come down to how thick your wallet is in the end.