Bomz seats on eBay...

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Car is an 89 CRX Si, seats are really starting to look bad, especially on the driver's side where that little bump-out is. Always putting my hand on it to get out of the car.

So was looking around for some replacements, don't really care for the OEMs, and don't want to shell out $400+ either. Found these Bomz on eBay, only $150 and I'm local so can pick them up for only $50 more.

Anyone have any experience with these? Do they really fit?

Universal sliders sounds fishy to me.
They look alright, ive sat in them and they are descent seats, just put together cheaply, just remember with those seats you get what you pay for, and you will probably need some custom shit with the brackets, aka do it yourself kind of fabrication.
i have those all black....they are okay...not the best...after a while the will turn colrs because of fabric....but i like mine....and mine dont say bamz on them
I don't recommend seats that cost less than 700 a set. You REALLY get what you pay for. Plan on having them reupholstered within a year if you use them heavily.

And the sliders are universal, it's the bracket that's custom to your car.

Seat Brackets 89-91 CRX


I've sat in those before. If you're a 30" waist like me, you'll like the fit, but for some its real tight.
I just bought some synkro brand seats from hunsaker motorsports in california, $360 shipped for a pair, and i like the fitment, and i'm about 6'2 or 6'3, w/ a 32" waist. Fit me snug, but are comfortable.
Originally posted by VTECPOWER@May 31 2005, 07:18 PM
Not to thread jack but what is the difference between a 88 and a 89 crx seat bracket?
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The 88 floorpan is different. Mounting locations aren't the same.
also not really trying to threadjack but anyone try the seats from i think there like 420 shipped
Don't buy cheap seats. They could really fuck you if you get in a crash. You can get good seats for like $300 a pop, and those will not only hold up better, but will also be much safer than those POS ebay seats that will probably fall apart in a year or two anyway.
I bought the same seats off of ebay. I like them. they are cheap on ebay but if you order them from the actual site that makes them they are $300. It is a good deal and they are pretty comfortable. As for the sliders, they do work you just have to find the right mounting brackets. i got some Tenzo R brackets and modified them for the seat.
Right on, brothers......but some of you werent listenin when I said I didnt want to shell out 400+ bills for new buckets.

formby, Slammed89Teg & blueSi thanks for the firsthand experiences, only ones that count in my book. :worthy: :blink:

vtecpower & sluggishbox thanks for the tips...might be some options there

these seats are listed MSRP at 400 a pair

OR reupholster the oems for about 350 a pair

OR maybe I could go down to pickapart and get old ones for 29.99 :lol:

(I'm resisting the urge to slam some of you for stupid comments....
you know who you are) :unsure:
I bought a cheapo set of seats off Ebay a while back. They felt like they were upholstered with foam. Cheap as shit. I sold them.

Ebay seats = garbage.
Originally posted by civicious@Jun 1 2005, 10:53 AM
I bought a cheapo set of seats off Ebay a while back. They felt like they were upholstered with foam. Cheap as shit. I sold them.

Ebay seats = garbage.
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Who made those seats? Not Bomz I assume.