Bov Placement

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Ok, a lot of people put the bov on the charge pipe from the intercooler to the throttle body, and more people are starting to put them before the intercooler.

Anyone have any opinions on where to put them, and the downsides (if any) regarding that particular placement? Also, please explain why you think the bov should be placed there.
How can u stick one before the intercooler, when the intercooler is the airs starting point?

IMO, id stick it on the charge pipe.
Originally posted by Domeskilla@Feb 15 2003, 12:20 AM
How can u stick one before the intercooler, when the intercooler is the airs starting point?

IMO, id stick it on the charge pipe.

ehh- the air does come out of the turbo and into the intercooler, you know ;)

the pipe from the turbo outlet to the intercooler endtank is the place where people put it

Im thinking of putting it before the intercooler, the reason being that there will be less heatsoak to the intercooler, if all the air is vented before the intercooler. The pressure may be more evenly dispursed....Anyone have any other thoughts?

the full-race setup mounts the BOV before the cooler as you can see in those pics.

My understanding of it is this-

by leaking it out way back from the intake mani, the time it takes to go back is much longer. therefore, on quick blips of the gas, such as in a hard corner where throttle pressure control is a must (ala GIS2), less pressure/air will get released out, thus giving a better throttle response as the air is availble right away.

remeber, the purpose of a BOV is to protect the turbo- not to stop air from going in the motor when you let off.

IMO, if the set up above can make 586 whp on a basically stock gsr (with a sleeve job), then fucking A- it must work
Hmm, guys..... those pics from that full race set up are showing tubular exhuast manifold, and only wastegates connect to the exhuast. the charge or pressure side is on the right with no filter usually it is on the left. One thing about putting the bov valve before the intercooler it may sound louder since they say that the farther away from the intake manifold the louder the sound. Also you may have to go with a stiffer spring depending on the amount of boost before the intercooler, and the specs for the distance of the vacuum line may be shorter than reaching the all the way to the intercooler(i know that my hks boost controller has a three foot spec on all lines). One more, the lower to the underside of the car may increase debris entering the bov since there is more air flow(unless you have the bliz with the filter on it). just some thoughts, and facts.
right. and its a bad ass setup. the turbo itself acts as the intake. 4" bell y0!

drag kits with intake pipes and filters - most ive seen is like 330 horse.
full-race kit - 586

i think its clear which is a better design