Brads DB8 Build

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West West Yall
Well its really a DB7 but at the end of the day it'll be a GSR clone -_-

A couple years ago I had a '95 hatch GSR...for 20 days then it was hit. The drivetrain went into a rusty $400 '93 Civic coupe I found a couple days later and thats lasted me till now. I still miss my Integra and I have the GSR parts still. Both cars can be seen in my signature

After having my Cherokee I've been blessed with not having to fold into a taco to allow more than one passenger into the cabin, so that added with the naturally stiffer chassis than a 2 door brought me to the conclusion that I should have a 4 door Integra. What is not to like! As a side bonus it has the same wheelbase as my coupe so I should be familiar to drive with the length and I get to transfer my exhaust frill free :)

Not long after the idea got embedded into my skull I started searching. The closest car I found that fit my liking; a $500 shell that had enough to build off of with power windows and a sunroof. It was on the mainland (I'm on an island), I saw some crappy cell phone pictures and got a copy of the regy (clean) then rented a uhaul and went blindly to get this car with a buddy, I needed him for his truck lol










Its a 1996 with a 1998 front end...I know...but I'm getting to that part! It looks black in the pictures, but when I showed up it was....purple. Yes there are prelude seats in the front that the guy tried to rig in, I told him to keep them. There's a nest of wires large enough for a family of rats and a guest room for grandma and grandpa rat. The engine bay is spray painted black, overspray on everything.

Yes I took on an ambitious project but I'm getting bored and I need a project lol. Aside from those minor defects the interior was complete and in exceptional condition (I have the matching seats from my GSR for the front) and the body is quite clean, it needs a rear door and a dent popped out in the rear by the trunk. The paint appears very faded but it's in reasonable shape (after washed...I don't have pictures yet) and its my least rusty shell to date

Anyway, here I am heading off the rock on the ferry 18/10/13


Annnddddd here we are on our way back


I have the dash out and I'm searching for a '94-'95 dash harness to make my OBD1 GSR swap painless and get rid of the alarm wiring mess left behind. I found my GSR cluster and swapped over the spedo to keep the matching mileage


Here is a taste of the Dark Currant Pearl, I've really grown to love it


Now the exciting part!!

As of today 23/10/13 I am a proud owner of a JDM ITR front end conversion! Yay!




It has the "DB8" tag to match the 4 door status :)


This piece of shit is being sold!!! :D


And to finish of here are some inspiration pictures



All of my projects have been rough bodies while I concentrated on motor/brakes/suspension which is not a bad thing by any means but I have all that now, I want to get the body fixed and painted before I swap in my motor and everything

Don't expect rapid updates but please stay tuned! ;)
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The jdm front looks sweet on the 4 door, friend of mine used to have one that looked very similar to the one you have pictured (for inspiration). Good luck with the project, it sounds like you have a good plan!
2dr exhaust is about 6-8 inches shorter than the 4dr
if your talking about your eg exhaust then yes it will fit on a 4 door teg.
Project car for sure. Looks like you got a lot of things sorted already :thumbsup:

Back in the ex bought a new 4-door GSR. I liked the looks for sure. Had a hard time getting in and out of it though. The doors are kinda small for big frame guys. But it looked nice dropped. I drove it hard lol.

We broke up and she put stock springs back on b/c the mud flaps rubbed on speed bumps. What a joke lol.

Good luck on the build :thumbsup:
We broke up and she put stock springs back on b/c the mud flaps rubbed on speed bumps. What a joke lol.

That's hilarious. Taking the splash guards off is about 10 times easier and faster than swapping the springs out. Double LOL if she paid someone to do it...
Ehhh my coupe is only lowered about 1.5" and I haven't heard a scrape yet, I like that.

I'm a small dude I had no problem getting into my old 4 door EF which had even smaller doors
Not sure which style I'm moving toward with the car, ITR wing w/window visors and crap or straight clean body... also considering shaving the side moulding. Definitely going badgeless


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Oh yeah I dislike those wheels, I'll be running my 15x7 Kosei K1s not sure on the offset but they come out flush to the wheel wells