Brads DB8 Build

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West West Yall
Two weeks ago I got the tires swapped over and the brakes completed. Refreshed the calipers too.



Went to my local importer to get a replacement ITR strut cause mine started leaking. Ended up picking up an ITR rear bar because I wanted to go back to rubber endlinks. Then he gave me a rear trunk for free because it was dented, pumped!



Here's the good part... I never planned on this but I ended up doing my first track day just days after upgrading brakes (thank christ they were done)

My roommate and I headed out to Edmonton (3hrs away) for the Castrol raceway.


It was an incredible experience, I can not wait to do it again! Since it was our first times on the track we were set up with a professional passenger until we proved safe to drive on our own. I was set free before my roommate cause he had difficulties keeping the car straight lol. I learnt a lot that day and by the end I was out driving my tires and maybe even the car itself. Everything I've done to the car has paid off, engine took the revs, transmission and lsd took abuse, brakes never faded on me (before I would loose them at auto-x) and the suspension kept the car very neutral, that aggressive alignment sure felt nice.


We were never timed since they did not want the newbies to be aggressive but I did out drive some other drivers that should have been quicker. Such as a 300ZX TT, new STI, new 335i, G35. I was fucking neck and neck with a built '99 Miata, he would pass me then I'd pass him right back, I think that was the most fun of the day.


My instructor has a full race E30. Cool car, I got a session in the bitch seat.


Here's us coming into turn 1 hot