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Im not one for bashing on someones company or giving bad rep, but I have been nothing but patient with this company, and they are still giving me the walk around. Im sure that situations like mine are common amongst buying parts off the internet, but they have handled it very unprofessionally. I ordered coilovers for my car january 23rd. 5 days later, I realized I did not get any sort of confirmation via email, or shipping tracking number. they have a very handy "instant messaging" thing on their site that i was able to get in contact with a rep. She told me they ran out of those specific coilovers but would upgrade me to one that was 100$ more at no cost to me. (she also said they had called me and left a message regarding my package on january 24th...I had no messages, however i didnt think anything of it at the time, must have dialed the wrong number.) So she says It will ship out tomorrow. I wait 3 more days with no confirmation email again, so i decided to email "John" a sales rep. He emails back 2 days later saying my package has shipped (dated february 1st) and he will get me the tracking number. I wait 10 days (standard ups ground shipping to hawaii is 7-10 days, ive never had a package be later than that). I give him another email as a reminder asking for the tracking number. nothing. The next day i call him, no answers, no instant messaging. I wait past the weekend (they are closed) and finally reach him on monday, he then tells me that the package is lost on island and they are trying to re route it to my house. he was able to repeat the correct name and address back to me so i figured they wrote the wrong address. I still wanted my tracking number. I call again and "the service rep with the tracking number was out to lunch". I made it clear to him that i needed to get that tracking number, but i was polite about it. I didnt think anything bad, just a wrong address. he said hed call back in an hour. no call. I call the next few days with no answer, and i even got kicked off the instant messaging thing a few times (as if someone denied to talk to me need to enter your customer number and name). I left on a trip a few days later, and am able to reach him through a completely different number. Im not saying they were screening there calls and messages, but thats what it felt like. When i get back i finally get a tracking number from him but he says it wont work anyway because the package is getting rerouted. either way the tracking number he gave me was bs because it wasnt even correct ups tracking number format. He told me "they cant reroute the package because they put a ups do not change address hold on it". Ive never heard of that before, nor do i not understand why that means that they cant call ups and have the address changed.

I will not dodge the fact that they are very polite on the phone, apologizing frequently and such. but I can tell when Im getting the walk around. I am very frustrated with them and will not be buying from them again.

thanks for reading.
It was probably a reference number, not a tracking number, you need to search in a different area on the UPS site. Many places do that and it is a totally different format.
As a security measure, UPS does NOT allow anyone (sender or recipient) to reroute or changed the delivery address of a package once it is in route. What should happen is the package will become 'undeliverable' and then it can be held at a UPS shipping/receiving facility for pick up with proper valid identification (your DL should be good).

You need to get some type of identifier (tracking number, reference number) from the shipper so that UPS will be able to find the package and as long as they didn't spell your name incorrectly you should be able to pick it up from your local UPS shipping/receiving facility (which is different from a UPS store).

Edit: Also the shipping address on the package has to some what match your drivers license, it can't be something completely different. You said you think they wrote your address down wrong, I am guessing that they probably misspelled a street name or put down the wrong house numbers. If that's the case you should be good to go. If they fucked up your shipping address completely you might need to find a way to prove that the package is for you, not just someone else with the same name.
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