clocking the center housing...

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The Trisexual
Rebuilt my t3 42/48. But I never was able to rotate the center housing. Is there a way to break it loose? Every bolt except the two bitch bolts are out and the bitch bolts are loosened. I sprayed some wd40 but didn't go overboard. I was wacking the hell out of it, but I don't want to wack it too hard and throw it out of balance.

So any ideas. I need to figure this out so I don't blow the seals....again.


you should just be able to loosen the 6 or 8 that go around both the compressor and the turbine, and then clock it freely.


The Trisexual
it doesn't..I gave up

I just bought another turbo.

Actually I bought a couple. I bought a t3/t4 and a 42/48. The t3/t4 has a weird DP flange and I have to see if I make it work.