Conversation That Made My Smoothy Come Out My Nose

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This afternoon me and my girl went to go watch "A Man Apart" (Vin Deisal's new movie for those who don't know what i'm talking about) anyways...i hear these guys talking about what they wanna do...i hear the ls/vtec jump into the convo...turbo here...turbo guys get the picture but then these 2 started talking about the "NOS in a can" octane booster...this is how the convo pretty much went about the "NOS" crap...

Guy 1:man have you tried that silver NOS octane booster stuff?
Guy 2: did it work for you?
Guy 1: it's good shit man...i'd tell you what...i would never waste any money on a "NOS" kit!!
Guy 2:why not? i was planning on getting one
Guy 1: because it's so exspensive and the "NOS in a bottle" is just as effective...people buying "NOS" kits are stupid...they just don't know
Guy 2: yeah? i figured it gave you a little power but not that much...why haven't a lot of people told me about this then?
Guy 1: i don't know...people are just stupid and don't know anything...i haven't told anyone about it except a couple friend's because when we go to LACR...we want the "edge"
Guy 2: damn man, i'ma go try that shit!
Guy 1: you's good shit...alright man 'll see you later tho...just call me if you want me to hook you up on some civic t-shirts and i wanna be there when you run your car on the "NOS in a can" you'll get a high 15 this time around...i barely hit a 16.2! ok...later
Guy 2: yeah man i'll call you...later

it's not the funniest story but i bet you would of pissed in your pants if you were there...just shows how many people in this world have been bounced on the knee while the ceiling was low :unsure:


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what a bunch of might give you like 0.0000001 horsepower. actually i read an article in Import Tuner a while back and they tried the "race" mix in a Prelude type S and I think it got an extra 2-3hp at the wheels. I've tried that stuff before too, i didn't feel a difference in power but my car ran a little bit better.


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haha, have smart people you have to have stupid people.


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Originally posted by djyox@Apr 5 2003, 02:43 AM
haha, have smart people you have to have stupid people.


It doesn't give you power worth a damn... but it did keep my engine from knocking when I could only get 91 octane in BFE Duncan Oklahoma.


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Seriously, I would have gone off on the two guys about how they are morons. Yeah, it does make a difference though, my bro's old mazda 626 would take forever to wrap out 1st and 2nd gear then we bought the "can o nos" octane booster, and we figured out it needed high octane gas to even do a burn out.


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Originally posted by Prowler@Apr 5 2003, 01:48 PM
You should've bumped into the convo and told them about blinker fluid :lol:

lol...i wanted to start laughing real loud but i wanted to see how far they'd go...when they said "civic t-shirts" i almost started crying :blink: i should of tole them that draining the coolant before you take it to the track helps you with weight reduction :eek: B) :p :lol:


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The best one is tell them that they need to go to a shop and ask the mechanic to remove the subframe. Tell them it'll take off like 300lbs of unnecessary weight and they'll gain about .6 seconds in the 1/4.
It's just a shame I never get to see the mechanics laugh in their dumass faces.


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no man. tell them to go buy a gallon of rubbing alchohol at shaws and to put it in their gas tank. When they ask WTF, be like "why do you think dragsters run alchohol man, it's the fucking good shit" Be sure to honk when passing them on the side of the road.