Crashed the ride today :(

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I was driving today, front brakes faded bad and I couldn't stop in time to hit a goddamn chevy tahoe. My car turned out like this, and the tahoe left without a scratch. :(

To the body shop experts, what do you think the total damage is gonna be? Is it worth fixing? What would you suggest doing?

I appreciate all the help and info you can provide.






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If you're fixing it. Yeah its worth it. To pay someone else, your car is not.

Looks like you need lights, core support, and body panels. If you go oe and buy from the dealer you're looking at a shit load, or you could go "taiwan" as I did in the past, and honestly my gaps were just as good. I didn't give a shit I just wanted to drive when I wrecked mine.

Also, if you're doing it yourself, make sure you spray the core support as it tends to be code in most states.


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Seriouly doubt the frame is bent.

New core support, hood, fenders, lights, etc... if you can bolt, paint, weld, you should be able to do it.


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Probably cost you at least $1500-$2000, and a buttload more if a shop is gonna do it. That's pretty similar to what totalled my Accord.


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Originally posted by 92b16vx@Jun 21 2005, 08:55 AM
Seriouly doubt the frame is bent.

New core support, hood, fenders, lights, etc... if you can bolt, paint, weld, you should be able to do it.
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yea i agree pretty straight foward


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Sorry about that, but yeah it looks fixable with a little time, effort, and $$$.

But your brakes 'faded'? Just what were you doing beforehand to get them that hot? :blink:


when the hell did you get a teg??? lol

it looks pretty bad, but i think its mostly cosmetic.

jdm front end conversion time? :p


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Integras are just boxes that deliver donor motors for Civics.

-> Steve


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Yeah looks pretty simple to me, couldn't tell if the frame was bent or not because the pic of the engine bay wasn't wide enough. Like the others said, it's doubtful its bent though. Just hit up a junkyard and try and get parts the same color. Or like pissedofsol suggested take the chance to do a front end conversion. I wouldn't pay anyone to do that. Looks like simple bolt on shiat!! Sorry for your luck but good luck with the fix. :(


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How fast were you going? You airbags weren't deployed.

+3 on JDM front end, much easier.

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that damage is really gonna cost in the ball park of 1500 if you do most of the work and 2500-3000 for a shop to do it.
From the pics the right fender looks not bade and maybee reworkable, as for the hood, bumpercover, bumper, lights, core support, rad they are toast.
call up local yards you may get lucky and find a black car and buy all the parts and you in for less than 750.
New aftermarket parts will cost about a 1000 bucks than go to macoo and have it sprayed


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Exactly what were you doing to cause brake fade? First and only time I've ever felt brake fade is when I was in moron land on the highway realizing I almost missed my exit.

70 mph brake stand later I was on the offramp. Good thing there were no cars around.


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I had a similar thing happen to my `92 civic. Hit an icy patch in the winter a few years ago and spun around hitting a gaurd rail in the process. The front end was twisted underneath slightly. I had someone pull it out and straiten everything. I bought a new hood, 1 fender, bumper, bumper cover, 1 headlight, sidemarker and wire harness for the lights. I think it came to around ~$1200.