crx 89 -> b16a2 blowing cv-joints? =((

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Hi! i have an crx 89 converted with b16a2 engine and y21 tranny and cv-joints, it has blown two right front cv-joints in two days! =( i dont know why.. too long? too short?

i cant use crx 89 cv-joints, im using the ones for b16a2 (1.6 vti)... but they keep failing on me =( orgininal 160hp.

However my front alingnment is really bad!! maybe thats the problem?

thanx, btw im european so ;)
Originally posted by B16CRX@Sep 2 2005, 08:45 AM
if the axels werent the correct length, the tranny should've leaked oil.
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my tranny leaked oil.. dripping dripping dripping..
Im using re-welded stock mountings. maybe the engine is not centerd in bay correctly? Or shuld I use some kind of aftermarket axels?

hmm =( where can i find mesurements for the engine bay etc? so i know if it's of center.. and what type of axels shuld i use?

specs are

crx 89 ED9 chassi with re-welded mounts
b12a2 engine with y21 hydralic tranny

and i used an axel from some 92- civic 1.6 vti, wich caused my tranny to leak when rev-ing.

thanx for the help guys! i need this shit fixed xD

wanna see the car? =) !
1st thing I would look into are the mounts, position of a b series in that car in a big deal, I was going through place racing axles like every 3 months or so, and I was using there whole mount kit. well, they started to sag, just ever so slightly and nothing would stop my axles from blowing CV joints left and right. I would look into really getting a Hasport kit and ditching what you have now for the mounts, It will be worth it in the long run.
You could take it to a honda/acura shop and see if you got it in there right. I have re-welded mounts in my rex. Never had a problem with it. fits in there like it was a SIR rex.