Crx Slipping

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Hi I am new to the site, and have gotten a lot of good information from reading the posts. I have owned a 90 civic ex for 2 year now, and I just bought a 91 CRX hf (manuel tranny) about 2 months ago.
I had a problem today in my CRX i would like to ask about...
Well today I backed out of a parking spot and I had no problems driving in reverse. When i shifted into first, initially it was fine, but when i shifted to second, I got no power to the wheels, I went to rev the car but the rpms stayed at 1000 and the car shakes real bad, and gradually the engine dieds out. I resarted the car and went to drive off again in first but the car didn't seem to get any power to the wheels, it stuck at 1000 and gradually died. I tried this several times (some of the times it took several times to get the car to restart), finally the problem seemed to be fixed, I was able to drive the car back to my house, although at lower rpms I could feel a slight slip in the clutch. I have only had this problem once before but it did not last long, and it didn't make the engine shut off.

I am thinking that i definately need to replace the clutch and cover, but I was wodering if you thought that it may have to do with a bad release for or worn clutch cable... I have never noticed the clutch not fully releasing when i pressed down on the pedal... so i am not quite sure...

anyway if anyone can give me any insight i would appreciate it, thanks again
first before you change anything, CHECK THE TRANNY FLUID. many many times this does this. people change clutches and still no improvement. they later found out they ran out of tranny fluid. the symptoms you said is similar to tranny fluid outage. if there's enough tranny fluids, check the cable and go further. then check the clutch plate and disc. BESURE to check the flywheel, many times when clutch is out, it damages the flywheel too.
if your cluth is gone that would not cause the RPMs to stay constant, unless it was some really fucked up case where .... I'm not even going to go into it. But anyways, if your clutch is roasted the RPMS would FLUCTUATE and the car wouldn't get power. The engine not revving could be a completely different problem. I'm not sure what could cause it, I bet some of the other guys do though.