Cx To Gsr Question?

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hey im trying to swap gsr motor into my 93 hatch. and my question is will i have to replace alot of shit because the cx is so dam uncompatible? such as headers and exhaust? if some one could help me any comment will be greatly appreciated. :) :)
You are definitely going to have to replace the header with a GSR one and exhaust to free it up as the CX has a pee shooter pipe.Wire the vtec,IAB,knock and convert the o2.
Originally posted by g2teg2002@Mar 4 2003, 05:25 AM
just sell it and get a vx

VX's are pretty hard to find and the only difference would be the vtec wires,not enough to justify selling his car and buying a new one.
don't sell your car, just convert to make it work. now you mentioned that your motor doesn't have an exhaust manifold, right? just so you know all of that little shit will nickle and dime you to death. Example: when i did my b-20 i got the block for a reasonable price but i had to but an exhaust manifold b pipe starter alternator alternator belt ls manifold tranny mounts etc etc etc. it is worth it, dont get me wrong, but be fully prepared to spend some money. i got anxious and it took me 2 weeks (big pause to get parts, lots of waiting) to do a swap that should have taken four hours.
any b-series manifold will work for now. Even thought the gsr unit flows exceptionally well, any will work... They can be had in the classifieds here and on cheap...
Originally posted by bigblockef@Mar 7 2003, 05:45 PM
any b-series manifold will work for now....

Except that a B16's won't clear the oil pan,so not any one will do.