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Rockin da Z1 !!!!
at work my company decides to buy a motor from a salvage yard heres the situation

89 4dr dx civic == motor that came out is D15B2

we got from the yard a D15 thats it no more letter or # stamped im just interested what this motor came out of as far as i can tell it is not of american built motor what is a plain D15 out of?
damn ..... i was busy when i posted that ......damn man not like i was typing ghey like this I WuZ GuNnA Be HeRe......lol
nope they all show to have a B1 or a B2 after the D15 this replacement motor only has stamped D15
That D15B is a JDM motor, is not a USDM, it will still bolt in is the same thing as what you got.
Not saying it couldn't happen,but why would he get a Japanese motor from a American stripyard.And it doesn't say D15B,he said it just says D15,maybe the laws of probability got you guys the one motor the stamp broke on during stamping,I don't know.Or maybe it's possible that one year,month,day,series whatever they only stamped it with that.