JDM B20Vtec Build

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what are you going to do with this car? drag? track?

I'm going to drive it on the street and take it to the drag strip. I want to drag race. Not sure if I will do road courses. It's not really setup for that. But I guess I could...?
Why do you need the big front brakes then? I’d put the stockers on so you can run better wheels.

Too late. It's all installed lol. I've got huge 6 piston wilwood brakes on the front. Biggest you can buy for a civic from them lol. I'm using them lmao.

The car stops instantly. You barely hit the brakes and it grabs and stops so fast. It stops faster than my 2020 Type R!

I hear what you're saying tho.

I've already got the wheels and tires too.

So I'm running what I've got. Not making anymore changes. I can't afford to make any changes at this point. Smh.
It's been on the dyno. It's making over 400whp on just 10 psi. Still more tuning to be done but making progress.
We blew the intake plenum gasket on my skunk2 ultra race series manifold.

We have to reseat the gasket and put it back on the dyno.

We are going to tune it out for as much as the transmission can handle before we break it. I can't afford another trans rebuild right now.

But we made a lot of progress today and so far the motor is taking all of it without a sweat.

Hopefully next couple of dyno runs turn out good!

Wish me luck yall!!! So happy to bring this project to completion finally!
We got the plenum apart. Unfortunately it blew the gaskets to pieces.

We are going to put tack sealant on the gaskets this time.

I was told it should hold the pressure and prevent the gaskets from blowing apart again.

My turbo spools up super fast, I'm guessing due to the race ports on the manifold and head. Plus it's ballbearing.

It makes power really easy so far.

Any feedback on experience using tack sealant on the intake plenum gaskets for a Skunk2 Ultra Race Series Manifold?
post the graph!

I will once we do the final dyno run.

The first few runs were for breaking the motor in and building the tune.

But come to find out it was making 500whp at about 12psi. Good numbers.

I will definitely post numbers of the final dyno runs.

We are just waiting on those damn gaskets. Skunk2 is taking forever to get them sent out. Haven't checked today if they showed up yet but it's doubtful. However supposed to be this week. Their shipping sucks. Plus this bogus covid 19 shit is slowing everything down too.

I will post numbers once I get some sheets.
We finally got the skunk2 gaskets. Car is back together and running. But we have to put it back on the dyno to check and make sure everything is good with it and then we're going to put back on the dyno a final time and tune for max power.

Right now it's making over 600whp on 12/14 psi. I've been working. Just started a new position with a new company so I've been super busy. But when I get a chance to go back by the speed shop I will get dyno sheets and post them.

Can't wait man. It's all I think about, driving my racecar

We have to try again Monday. We can't get it to hook. No matter what we do. We've tried Spray lube, deflating the tires, inflating the tires, adding weight, dialing in bbg and bbs and nothing seems to help.

Maybe have to use something other than R888s I don't know. And if I do that then I've got to get different wheels ffs.

Anyone have any ideas lol?
What's the dyno setup look like? Limited experience above 600 whp but PFI speed have no problems holding down ~850-1000whp on their rollers.
What's the dyno setup look like? Limited experience above 600 whp but PFI speed have no problems holding down ~850-1000whp on their rollers.


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We have to put it on a different dyno. We needed bigger rollers. That seemed to do the trick.

I will post sheets later when we're done.

Right now its on 26lbs of boost making 630whp.
We're at 668whp and 418lbs of torque right now.

Every 2-3 runs we have to retighten the straps. It keeps loosening the straps.

It's making some serious jam. Can wait to post the sheets. Absolutely crazy!!!