JDM B20Vtec Build


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Why do you need the big front brakes then? I’d put the stockers on so you can run better wheels.
Too late. It's all installed lol. I've got huge 6 piston wilwood brakes on the front. Biggest you can buy for a civic from them lol. I'm using them lmao.

The car stops instantly. You barely hit the brakes and it grabs and stops so fast. It stops faster than my 2020 Type R!

I hear what you're saying tho.

I've already got the wheels and tires too.

So I'm running what I've got. Not making anymore changes. I can't afford to make any changes at this point. Smh.


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We blew the intake plenum gasket on my skunk2 ultra race series manifold.

We have to reseat the gasket and put it back on the dyno.

We are going to tune it out for as much as the transmission can handle before we break it. I can't afford another trans rebuild right now.

But we made a lot of progress today and so far the motor is taking all of it without a sweat.

Hopefully next couple of dyno runs turn out good!

Wish me luck yall!!! So happy to bring this project to completion finally!


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We got the plenum apart. Unfortunately it blew the gaskets to pieces.

We are going to put tack sealant on the gaskets this time.

I was told it should hold the pressure and prevent the gaskets from blowing apart again.

My turbo spools up super fast, I'm guessing due to the race ports on the manifold and head. Plus it's ballbearing.

It makes power really easy so far.

Any feedback on experience using tack sealant on the intake plenum gaskets for a Skunk2 Ultra Race Series Manifold?