D16A gaskets

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New Member
Does anyone know if the D16A SOHC VTEC uses the same gasket set as the D16y8? If not, what gasket set does it use?
I am planning on replacing pretty much all of the gaskets on the motor. I ordered a full set of Fel-pro gaskets since I had not got a reply. Which ones wont work?
not sure off hand. can probably do some part number lookups against old catalogs and service manuals.

i say compare the old to the new as you replace it. if it doesn't line up perfectly, research if it's a different part number, or blocks some fluid flow/etc if it sticks out differently. Otherwise, you're probably safe to use it.
Yeah that's kinda what I was planning at this point. Nervous more about the ecu pinout more now. I think the motor is from an hrv and I need to use the harness that's coming on it since the one in the car is who knows what. 😂
Yeah it's a JDM d16a that I'm throwing in it. Its supposed to be getting delivered by Friday. Not that I trust R&L carriers to be on time. Tracking hasn't updated since it left Chicago on the 16th. 😂