D16y8 Swap

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My girlfriends son has a 86 crx dx with a blown engine. He bought a d16y8 and ecu from one of his friends.My question is has any one done this type of swap before? I am familiar with domestic older stuff but this is a new one for me. Any help would be greatly appriciated.
can't really be done, not without making yourself a set of mounts. My friend was planning to drop a Z6 in an 87 Si, the mounts are in the wrong spot, and he couldn't find axles that would fit. From what I've heard, the best swap is a brown top ZC from an Integra.
I guess I should get all the facts straight. The engine he has is a d16z6. Sorry for the confussion on my part. Any help with this is great. The motor mounts do not scare me too much because I run a machine shop. The wireing is the one I am not sure of. And the axles not sure of. Thought about donor axles and splindles from a del sol or civic, but not sure of the lenghts. Again I am sorry about the bogus info, please any help with the dicision to do this swap is a big help.