d16z6 head and d16y8 head(sohc vtec)

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my d16z6 engine's head was swapped 4 a d16y8 head
wtf is the difference.........is it the same wiring 4 vtec????
i also have the original d16z6 head

any knowledge please reply
thank u
the flow characteristics of the y8 are where the difference lies. between that and the intae manifold design, the y8 is basically the type r of the sohc setups.


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y8 head has gsr-like squared-off combustion chambers, thus offering a slight bump in compression. the intake manifold also flows better than the z6 equivilent.

its good for about 5 crank HP over a z6 head in an obd1 chassis.
i lookin to do a mini-me swap on my crx if you don't need either head how much are you willing to sell it for?
why swap a OBDII head on OBDI? for like 5 more hp.. you should just rebuild the z6 and boost the shit out of it.

i recently did a mini me on my d15b7 with a z6 head.. im boosting it like no tomorrow and fuckin' gas prices have been going up ahhh
thankss for all the info guys
ooo and does anyone want the d15b7 motor (the rings r fried)

i am now lookin for a p28 ecu 2 run my setup