ecu pin removal

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How do you remove the small ecu pins? I got the big one's out but now i need to remove the ones from the two small black clips.


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Originally posted by VTECPOWER@Jun 18 2005, 03:11 PM
bump need this info asap, last thing needed to start the b16!
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On the side of the plg oyu gota kinda pri up on the only peace that looks like its not part of theplug it self. Then you can press the tabs on the inside for the pins them self and they should pull out. At lease i know this is how it is on my obd @ GSR. ?I could be very wrong but its worth a look/try.


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I got it, how do u check cel's? how do you jump it and i know you count the flashing light.


there is a plug that has two wires coming off of it and it is not pluged into anything, you stick a piece of metal into both of the slots so that you complete the circuit. I use a paper clip, then you turn your key on to acc. and count the blinking lights 1 long=10 1 short=1, there will be pauses between diffrent codes.