Ecu Question

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I bought a GSR B18c swap package with a ECU. Do I have to use the CRX ecu or the GSR ECU. I am going to buy a Hasport wiring harness and I was reading the instructions and it sounds like i use the Crx ECU. Is that all i need to wire the engine up? Any help on the easiest way to wire up the engine would greatly be appreciated.
what year gsr motor?

you will have to use the gsr ecu, cuz its one of 2 ecus made that control IAB of the intake manifold as well as vtec.
depending on the year of your motor you will have to make changes.

be warned, its NOT straight forward, and will require a lot of cutting/soldering/molesting and running wires.
Its a 94. Your right i forgot about the intake. is there anywhere i can find information about wiring up a b18c to a crx? Also where is a good place to buy a skunk2 intake?
you may like the secondaries on the gsr manifold, think about keeping that manifold. Try to find out how other people like the secondaries