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is there a difference in these besides lowering height? i know the street kit lowers your car a little bit more but which one is better? thanks.
actually, the "pro-kit" is the "entry-level" springs, even though they are called "pro", they give the least amount of drop...and i assume they have the most forgiving ride too.
i ment the sportline springs. i want to lower my car with some koni yellows and eibach springs or something around that, but i dont want my car to bounce like crazy. a friend of mine has coilovers and says her car bounses all the time. so i thought maybe its the coilovers that would do this? if i just get lowering springs will my car still be bouncy? has anyone used eibach? thanks.
camber correction kit ....ive seen some sites say i will need one and ive read some reviews saying that i wont need one? i have a 95 civic dx. what does a camber correction kit do? thanks.
A camber correction kit lets you zero out your camber after dropping your car. A negative camber will contribute to faster tire wear and is worse for drag racing, although a slight negative camber can improve cornering. It's a tradeoff.
i dont race or anything, im just a daily driver. would i need a camber correction kit? also ive been looking at tein type ss coil overs? i read some really good reviews on these. are they any good? these are height adjustible right? basically what i want is a lower look with good control and no bounce. when i say no bounce i mean like stock stiffness.
<----sportlines on an 89 crx. ride is close to stock, no bouncing worries :)...stock ride was already kind of stiff, as is the case with all crxes, due to their short wheelbase and light weight. my camber came to -3 front, -1 rear. the front needs a camber kit (to lessen tire wear), but the rear is within factory spec which is +1 to -1 degree.

i bottom out on tall speedbumps and have to take driveways on a diagonal to keep from scraping though...just to warn you B) drop is 1.75 front, 1.5 rear

if i had bought the pro-kit springs instead, i would have a 1.25 drop in front, and 1.0 in the rear, and prolly wouldnt need a camber kit at all.
If you want your tires to last 3-4 times longer (if your camber gets to be -3 to -4 degrees after your drop that is), then get a camber kit.
hope there on soon i just got the sportline springs and putting them on my kyb agx shocks ill let you know how they ride
thats not cool its a nissan fuckin a honda ( it is kinda funny though :) )
i got my springs on they are awsome with the agx shocks im in heaven for now till i get the money for teins
kewl! cant go wrong with eibachs! :) i love mine too. i actually went back to the shop that installed them and told them i was really happy with them :) they asked if i wanted my old springs back..and they gave em to me in the eibach box. poor poor oem springs. all the coating was pretty much flaked off. they served me well.

BTW, which ones did you get? pro-kit or sportlines?

oh dam. i didnt notice the nissan in the avatar