extreme 4x4

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wow just sat through the worst hour of tv ever thay built a roll cage that is squaure has no cross bracing then tyhe dod what should be called anything but bodywork.
Lots of bad programming on television. Generally, anything with "NOPI" in it makes me turn the channel.

That show that took the Civic and "Brought power to the little guys" still has me foaming at the mouth.

Anyway, big deal. Stupid shit on TV. It's just TV.

-> Steve
And the fact that they are running a marathon of that show and if he had watched a little longer, they went back and explained about all the cage, and then talked about why you need to weld cross braces to triangulate your corners, and then they welded in the rest of the cage.

And I can't say anything about the bodywork because I didn't see that.

But if you paid attention, they are building that jeep to do nothing but climb rocks, it's not supposed to be a race car, or look pretty, or go fast, it's supposed to drive around on rocks, slowly, and not fall apart and kill someone.
Originally posted by hcivic.com@May 22 2005, 04:28 PM
wow just sat through the worst hour of tv ever thay built a roll cage that is squaure has no cross bracing then tyhe dod what should be called anything but bodywork.
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Dude, seriously, do you EVER pay attention to what you're typeing?!?!
yeah plus stacey has personality, these two kids on 4X4 crack jokes and spit out tips, that you know are scripted. They both act like they are just reading off a sheet of paper as they say things. Stacey gets all into it and sound like he knows what he is talkign about.


That chick has an annoying voice too. I bet they barely even know what they are doing, asnd have real mechanics doing all the work behind the scenes.


Yeah, Trucks is a kick ass show. Horsepower TV would be better if it were live to tape or something. They are obviously scripted and its just plain corney.

When it comes to xtreme 4x4, they have the same problem horsepower TV does. Too scripted too corny.
Stacey David is God of the do-it-yourself shows

1 reason.... his project right now is called Srgt Rock..... its a 1942 Dodge Powerwagon... all that is done right now is the body, the 4-wheels steering, and he has stated that is going with 49 inch tall tires....

as for extreme its kind of funny to watch, but for informational stuff, I will stick with Stacey
Originally posted by Speedracer228@May 22 2005, 07:04 PM
i didnt think it was that bad, trucks is better by far though.
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trucks and hp tv are the only things i watch on that.
actually, extreme 4x4 is a pretty good show... When they were interviewing for the show, a friend of mine applied, and got interviewed, but they wanted him to relocate to TN for like 6 months...

They wanted people that KNEW trucks, and HAD done serious builds before...
Yeah, I am sure they are both qualified to host that show, but it's too scripted, it's like they are just reading everything they say as they say it. Plus they have a do-it-yourself-car-show cookie cutter feel. You just don't feel that they know wtf they are talking about.
i know what you mean..

But what i hate even more, is when the guys on horsepower tv take a car that has been beat on for 20 years, do a remove & replace on an engine, never spill a drop of coolant, never get their hands dirty, and NEVER break a bolt... LOL...