Flywheel For Turbo

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I'm trying to figure out what weight flywheel I should get for my turbo gsr. It's on daily-driving low boost. My mechanic says I should get an 11lb flywheel, while I'm thinking the lightest I can find (around 8lbs). Does flywheel weight affect performance?
basic concept with a lighter flywheel you'll get more throttle response/acceleration..

Basing everything off rotational mass: lighter & less radial length = easier to move.

With that, you'll actually make gains in horsepower. I just recently saw a dyno of a 300zx gaining 12whp just by switching from a stock to a 12lb flywheel.

In your case, I think the 11lb flywheel will do just fine. Make sure it's balanced!

the lighter the flywheel - the more it's going to suck in traffic and trying to park your car. The needle is going to start bursting up the tach with every little throttle pull. But if you can drive it- by all means. :)
Driving an 8-lb flywheel isn't tough at all. I do it every day. But I think you have to start worrying about "outrunning" your turbo....i.e., revving too fast and not giving the turbo time to spool. I'll bet that's why your mechanic recommended an 11-lb flywheel.
i have seen a few companies that make flywheels that are near stock weight, yet have almost all of their mass at the center of the flywheel. They say this keeps the balance of the engine in place, but since less mass is turning further towards the edges, you get better performance. Don't know if anyone has any input but if I can find out the companies names, ill let you know.
My honda guy has experience with turbo gsr's, in regards to 8lb flywheel, he said the turbo would spool up too fast, and I would have trouble getting traction. I'm just looking to make my car as fast as possible in straight lines.
In flywheels, lighter does not mean better. To an extent anyway. A 20lb flywheel will be too much rotational mass and a 5lb flywheel will be too little. Somewhere between there is the perfect weight flywheel for every application. I like the idea of moving all the weight to the center of the wheel, I'd like to hear more bout that too.

For you, I'd say take your stock flywheel, shave a few punds, see how it does. When you start losing hp on a dyno, stop shaving.
I have the cluchmasters flywheel i think its 8lbs. Drives great, you will have to get some stickier tires(not street slicks, just better) but that will only help you jump off that line. also helps on high end pulls and will reduce the need to down shiff as much since the car can rev faster and easyer.