FS 93 Acura Integra LS special edition!

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GREEN 93 Acura Integra LS special edition. The car has 290,000 miles on it. The motor has a new timing belt and waterpump including new A/C installed. The motor also has a new 2000 LS head,valvetrain and cams. Oh i also lowered it as you can see with ground control coilovers. Everything works on it! A/C power everything. car runs great. Leather seats have rips in it but can be fixed. The car now has JDM one piece headlights and ground control coilovers. Minor front bumper damage. Great cruiser. Asking price $2300. located in so cali.

update pic of car!

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It looks nice an all, but 2300 for a car with 290k is kind of high.

But good luck on your sale, I'm on the wrong coast anyway.
The car has a new topend and water pump and timing belt. It was only used as a cummuter the car has never been raced. Original paint and everything. i recently added the ground control coilovers and jdm one piece-headlights.