NH FS/FT:LS Swap $650

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Hey whats up honda swap up for sale is my OBD2A LS swap came out of a 96 integra has around 120k on it for mileage was told it ran before being pulled and it doesnt smoke or burn oil i personally dont know but me and a buddy of mine replaced the head gasket and there was nothing wrong with the cylinder walls and the heads of the pistons,as for the tranny it came off of a 99 LS was told it didnt grind or pop out of gear, I replaced all the belts and gaskets and the waterpump the timing belt is off at the momment i have a new one just havent gotten around to putting it on, i have a box of stuff i bought for it to replace everything on the motor so whatevers still in it is going with the motor as for bads on the swap DOESNT come with ecu,mounts,exhaust mani is junk,altenator is junk, and i dont have shift linkage for it other than that its a clean swap waiting to be put into someones car but i wasnt 650 or best offer or trades for a gsr longblock or full swap with cash on my end or a b16a2 longblock or full swap thanks for looking pm me if you have any questions bump for looking thanks guys
you should put up pics and location.

also, breaking that huge paragraph up a bit to make it easier to read would be best.

just a couple of pointers to help you try and sell this faster.

good luck.

Engine: OBD2A LS


Pros:New headgasket,valve cover gasket,water pump,timing belt,valve guides,exhaust mani and intake mani gasket,throttle body gasket,power steering altenator and a\c belt,spark plugs and thermestat also i have 2 wiring harnesses for it 1 was off a civic was gonna use it to extend the crank sensor and whatever else needed to be done

Cons:Exhaust mani is junk,altenator is junk,needs O2 sensor, needs spark wires,no mounts or shift linkage and needs half shaft axle

I want $650/bro or b16a2 swap or gsr swap with cash on my end thanks for looking and ill be posting pics up soon im willing to drive it a resonable distance if needed my cell is 603-233-9650 text me if you have any questions
bump now willing to take trades looking for 4 mint with tires gold gt'3 must be 195/50/15 with cash and also looking for password jdm 3 point front strut bar and password jdm 4 point rear strut bar