Good Bye 56 Ghey

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got my DSL finally hooked up and boy is this shit GREAT!! we gettin new technology here in the trailor park boys and girls :D
DSL rocks even more when you actuall have a good ISP. I have AOL and that sucks. It is so much slower compared to all my frieinds that have SBC DSL. (W. O. W. I usd alot of acronoms, now i sound like a geek :( )
I had verizon :puke: If you can get a router so you dont have to use their ghey software it will crash your sysem regularly. A few of my friends had the same prob. The router should have its own ppoe software built in. Good luck hoep it works for you :)
My Cox cable kicks ass!

Cable ownz j00 (well actually t3 does..but hey, i dont have 1k a month)