Gotta Go Throught With It

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I understand that this going to be hard but I'm gotta go through with it. I'm getting this engine cheap so it will make up for the cost of installing it. Going to take some before and after pic's. Wish me luck this is going to be a hell of a project. Oh yeah I getting the engine (ecu, Tranny, wires ... everthing) for 1,200.00 Canadian ... so you see what I mean. I'm going to attempt to convert the engine to front wheel drive. Any info will be usefull ... Thanks
welp find someone who can cast a custom bell housing for a FWD tranny so it will mount to the F20C... then get custom mounts fabricated, custom shift linkage, custom header (most likely), custom wiring harness... that should get the engine in the car ....
have fun
my recomendations- buy a couple cars to practice welding on.

no, i'm not joking.
1200 canadian dollars is roughly 780 usd.You can find a MUCH more suitable motor in a stripyard for that price.For a little more you can get something worth while.Your going to be wasting so much time and money (which by the time your done you will not be saving anything.)
yeah we need a online betting service...... like paypal..... i'd drop my taxes on it that it's never gonna work....

it's cool to be creative and shit bro, but when it comes down to it consider the time and money that you put into it, then the power you get out......