GSR swap, need help!

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Just finished swapping my 99GSR into my 93 civic hatch si. Everything went pretty smooth. I just took the car for a ride and there was a lot of vibration and one of the heater hoses poped off(im guessing to much pressure. Here are the questions I have: I used the axels from the 99 gsr but the passenger side was to short, now I think im having problems with the driver side. Any suggestions/answers thanks. Question#2 Is my radiator going to be alright with the GSR motor or do I have to eventually change it? If so which radiator? Thanks for help
Just to clear up my question a little more. Just took the car for another ride the left axle driver side is where the vibration is coming from. Does anyone know which axle im supposed to use or which axle to modify? My d16z6 axels or the GSR axles? Thanks for the help.
did you have the intermediate shaft?

your radiator will be fine... if you are very worried about it.. get an aftermarket one
del sol vtec axels will fit perfectly, but gsr's are known to work... i dont know why you are having a problem...
I just called a shop that specializes in axles and they told me that the axels is too short thats why I am having the vibration problem. I tried spacers but that didnt work. I thought these axels fit right in with no problem. Anyone do a GSR swap into a hatch and have this problem? Please let me know. I thought about buying axles for a sol vtec but wasnt sure. I just want to be positive.
When I put the car into gear the first time I went to drive it the right side axel popped out becuase it was to short. So now im having problems with the left side and im thinking its the same reason. The left side is a two piece axle. The right side is one piece. When you say intermediate shaft do you mean a two piece axle? Is the delsol vtec left axle 1 or 2 piece? So of tyhese questions may be stupid or hard to answer but im turnin to you guys for help. Thanks
The delsol vtec is the same axle as the GSR by that I mean two piece for the drivers side(Driveshaft shop can give you the legths of the axles in thier stock application)you can not use your d16z6 axles because they are one piece.I'm having the same problem but mine i think is the inner joint or wheel bearing is messed up.A friend of mine that had this setup,said his(axle)popped out because when he put the axles in the ring clip at the end that snaps it into the tranny broke.So you may want to check that and make sure your mounts are all tight.The radiator I'd change the,I'm not sure about the si's but the vx's is about a 3rd of an inch thinner.
Still having trouble with the damn axles. When I drive it vibrates like crazy. Is it possible the axles are wrong in some way. What I mean is the axles are for a 99 GSR w/abs. Is there a difference in the axles in 96 GSR or non abs axles. The axles I installed I took the abs ring off but dont know if it helped or made it worse. All I know is almost evryone I ask they tell me the GSR axel should fit perfect but they dont. If anyone has any info on this please direct me or point in the direction I need to go. If anyone knows where I can find axle specs please let me know. Thanks
the gsr axles are what you should use if you can get a friend to take a look or maybe stop by a local import shop that does swaps and ask if they have seen that problem before.
Double check to make sure that the axle bracket (on the driver side axle) is mounted to the block. And make sure 100% that the ring is on the axle, and you have to force it in a little, with the play in the joint, slam it back then in until it goes all they way in. You should hear a click and it will be very snug.
refer to the matrix on it talks about the inner seal being diff on 90-93 gsr that on others and says you may need diff axles that are the same year as the motor. just check it out
Ok, I bought 2 axles for a 99-00 Si and the fit perfect. I am not having the vibration at all anymore and everything is running pretty smooth. If anyone has questions on a obd2 swap into a 5th gen. si hatch let me know I'd be glad to help.
Qwikcivic- do you have an email and AIM handle you could post for me? i am getting ready to do a B18C motor swap into a 5th gen hatch in the next few weeks and having you as a reference might be very helpful...that is if you do not mind me asking?