H22 In A Crx

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wuts up guy,i wus wondering how bad the stearing is on an crx with a h22 and can u get around it.thanx



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The steering on ur car when u do that, is going to be really hard to keep on the road around corners. it'll want to go strait. i dont think there is a way to get around it. there might be but im not the profesional in the h22 in 4th gen civic/crx field. Usually when people put these motors in, for drag use only. straight line.


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i heard that if you do that swap then your steering will be shot heres what the guy told me "have a hefty friend sit on your hood and you can spin donuts forever cuz of all the weight but i have been thinking about doing this swap myself and i belive that if you customize your shock towers so that you can put prelude suspension on your car then you wont have a problem with your sterring at all..


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The car CAN be turned just fine with an H22 in there. It's only 70 more pounds sitting in the front of your car. the engine sits a little different in the engine bay as well, but if you're really worried about the extra weight, you can get a CF hood and relocate the battery to the trunk, which offsets a good chunk of the weight gain.

Also, you don't need Prelude suspension components, just go with some good aftermarket shocks and springs.


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I'M confused doesn't the h22 lean towards your firewall won't he have to do alot of custom just to put it in?


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everyone bad mouths the h22 in a hatch or crx... granted the 4th gen hatch and crx h22 swaps need some hacking and cutting, but the handling cannot be that bad with only 70 more lbs. I say go for it, that motor is way torquey for a honda motor, and you will have a lot of fun in a crx with that thing, just make sure you have good suspension on it...
Good Luck...