Head Compatibility D16 head D15 block

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f22b1 coupe

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I am purchasing a 95 lx 1.5 (D15xx) with a blown head gasket, and potentially a cracked head. It doesn't worry me because I have a D16y5 Head from a 2000 lx that had a rod through the block as a spare in case it is a worst case scenario.
My question is this: Will the D16 head work on a D15 Block? Also of significant concern to me is the OBDI and II compatibility between the heads. But with them being non- VTEC Im hopeful there wont be anything to it *crosses fingers *

Is the extra .1 liter all the stroke, or is it the bore? And if it's the stroke, would there be interference between the pistons and those valves in the D16 Head? The last thing I wanna do it turn the key and hear the pistons pound the valves.
the head will work, I would swap over the manifold from the obd1 engine as well as the distributor, that will take care of any obd1-obd2 compatability issues.
Okay, well to play it safe I will use the head and the intake/distributor etc. , but are the coolant passages the same with the intake? I remember when I swapped between two engines from 92-95 D16Z6 the intake manifold coolant passage layout was different, and I went through the idle loping mess. I also don't have a TB for the D16Y head, so I would HAVE to use the D15 intake manifold. I am trying to do it this weekend, so any help would be great guys.