Head gasket for my sir

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Ok, i got a jdm b16a first gen. the head was pulled off the bottom end was run through with a fine tooth comb. Everything is great down there however i went to the parts store and got a head gasket for a second gen b16, assuming that they were the same. However looking at the old one and the new one i see that the holes for coolant are diffrent shapes. Everything lines up however these holes are making me very nervous. Does anyone know if a first gens head gasket is the same as the second and third gen ones?
prolly just coolant holes, shouldnt be a big deal as the holes most likely go to the same places

and you most likely got a head gasket for a b16a2, which is a usdm and different from a jdm b16a second generation (very minor differences, but enough for 10 hp :))