HELP F22B2 in 94 Prelude S exhaust prob.

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I recently bought a 1994 Prelude S, clean and cheap, for a winter car. My problem is I live in upstate NY and the roads are junk. My exhaust broke at the header pipe, so I figured I would replace it all, header back. Little to my knowledge, the Prelude had a F22B2 from a 94 Accord DX swapped in. Is there any exhaust available for a Prelude that would mount to the Accord header? Or will the Accord header and downpipe mount to the Prelude exhaust? Any info would be of great help.
Thanks for the info, but what will be fine? The accord header to the prelude downpipe, or the accord downpipe mating to the prelude cat?
everything should bolt right up.. some cases it wont (ie: exhaust pipe too long or too short) <-thats where the muffler shop comes in.. chop a section off or add a little pipe.. done