Hondas suck

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Anyone to put any amount of money into a Front Wheel Drive car is totally wasting their money and time. That means all honda "racers" except for S2000 and NSX drivers are wasting their time and money(if you have tuned your honda)
Wow your right I'm gonna sell my car right now!!!No really,thank you very much for the enlightenment my life has new meaning now that I have your opinion,thanks.
na, i just thought that i should tell all u honda people that ur just waisting ur time on ur civic b/c it sucks shit stock
i wouldnt "praise" it, but i'm just saying if ur car is FWD then its not worth puting a lot of money into it b/c RWD is so much better, and yea i think a RWD civic would be tight if it had more then its stock power
Originally posted by all-hondas-suck@Dec 30 2002, 09:05 AM
and that nissan is better just for the simple fact that they are RWD

My buddy has a stock 240 sx,not impressive,besides this isn't,it is
well, this car isn't stock, but heavy as hell. If the guy would have put the money from making it a RWD into the motor he could really embarrass some people. Including probably you.
a stock 240 sx is a lot better then a stock civic, and i know its not "hondastock" but thats y i'm saying its dumb to tune your honda unless its got RWD b/c FWD just cant compare to a RWD car
yea he probably could embarrass me, but dont get me wronge i think that if he actually made his civic into a RWD car thats tight, i dont have anything against that
I have nothing against that either, I just believe in spending all of my money on motor and suspension, while still looking OEM. I dont care about RWD, AWD, or FWD. I have raced RWD before and won. But I will say one thing, I like RWD when trying to do a figure 8 burnout. Its so easy and fun!
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