how I have been amusing myself lately

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Buck Futter
finding dumb people on myspace, and emailing them letting them know how dumb they are.



more to follow.
maybe shes implying that shes the only sexy bitch on earth.

once i messaged a bitch whos name was "perfectly unperfect" and i gave her a fatty lesson on how its wrong.
I love on Facebook when people totally botch the status.

"Soand So is neat it's snowing!"
I hacked the forums last night and posted photoshoped images of their admin.
Here are a few screens:

They were linked to a car clubs photobucket account.
A friend and myself hacked in through it in linux. Changed our Mac&ip address,
Made accounts and changed the images on their forum. lol
you know how to take screen shots but not just post the picture?
lol my bad. I was using prnt scrn to capture the entire screen it's a little more beleivable than random pictures.
cuz hes a cyber punk.
instead of a can of spray paint, he wields his keyboard and mouse.
forums are his brick walls.