Hytech Turbo Kit

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Damn, i didn't realize that. Sorry. :P

Anyways it has a liquid to air intercooler that drops intake temp to +/- 10 degrees of ambient air temp and only loses 1psi in the process. In short, it's NICE. But costs around 4000.
Check out the wastegate location on the hytech manifold. Boost-creep is varitably impossible. Plus you can keep your AC. It's like the best of both worlds! B)

I remember you saying somewhere that Hytech's crack though? ;)
are you saying wastegate location affects creep? or is that the reason you can keep ac? what feature about this setup eliminates creep? sorry for the dumb q's. im too lazy to create a login.
The wastegate is central to all four runners. In this case, the runners almost go directly into the wastegate. This prevents boost creep and means faster spool up. It has nothing to do with the AC. The reason you can use AC with this kit is that the manifold doesn't go down far enough on the engine to interfere with the compressor. :)
oh aight. when you said 'creep' i thought it was in reference to to slight material deformation of a part under high temps of prolonged periods of time. what causes 'boost creep'?
When a wastegate isn't positioned properly it won't be able to bleed off all the excess gasses. This can cause boost to "creep" up. This manifold basically eliminates it since the gasses don't even have to make a turn to enter the wastegate.