I went JDM!!!

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Now that i have been informed that JDM engines are raced the fuck out after i bought one.... i feel pretty damn stupid.hehehehe what do you guys think of JDM engines. Shesh how am i suppose to know if its good or not? who knows. i just feel ripped off. bought it from www.jdmhondaparts.com taht had red spark plug wires. but who knows mybe its not raced out
i think youre worrying about it too much. I think its more or less a risk that you take by getting the jdm motor, and its not a sure thing that your b16 is a POS just cause it has red wires. Start it up when you get it, that is the only way to know.
ok one more time.... TEST THE ENGINE ...... do a compression test and a leakdown test ... that will give you a decent idea of the condition of the engine.... just because its from japan doesnt mean shit ... the concept of " all japanese motors are beat " it bull shit ... ITS AN OPPINION... there is no more truth to it than the statement that "import cars are death traps" ... in actuality imports hold some of the highest safety ratings out there ... and all JDM engines are NOT beat to shit... i know this for a fact because i have a JDM engine sitting at my garrage waiting for me to swap it in this winter.... and this is a Type R motor ... i guess by the oppinion stated in that article my engine should be f00kin toast seeing as its the most speced out B series engine honda made.... hmmmm then why is it in mint condition???? everything tested fine on it ... it looks brand new ... i dont get it.... its from japan it should be a piece of shit ...... calm down take a few deep breaths and get the engine tested ... what you are going through is normal .... you just dumped a large amount of money into a performance upgrade and now you are second guessing it.... just relax ... get the engine tested.... and drop it in
i think our article states the facts, and has no opinion what so ever. fact.

that said, would i buy one? no
would i deal with jdmhondafarts.com no
well considering that i already bought it and its getting installed. And there is nothing i can do about... thanks for that last imput. Made me feel stupid again.
i bought a jdm h22a from hondamotorsonline.com... i did a compression test and it almost maxxed out the meter at 1: 235 2: 235 3: 235 4: 225psi. it tested out very good but i am led to believe that i have a bad valve guide in cyl #4, which doesnt really bother me because im completely redoing it anyway. get it tested man, just because it had red spark plug wires doesnt mean that they drove it like a bat out of hell, hell, my dad has red spark plug wires on his truck lol. it doesnt mean a thing man, just get it tested to know the facts.
If you really feel the need to buy a JDM engine or any engine for that matter. even after testing it for compression and what not do yourself a favor. REBUILD the engine completely using what parts are reusable and buy new parts to replace the old. yeah sure it's gonna cost more. but in the long run you'll have a NEW-REBUILT engine to drop in your car that you know the exact condition of.

Why chance putting a junkyard motor in your car only to find out the crank had a stress fracture, and it snapped in two and put a whole in your block.
<- has a JDM block and a JDM head
<- has 38k miles on it in under a year, and still going strong

Then again, the block was rebuilt before it was installed- everything was reworked piece by piece.
Originally posted by BlackJDMdeath@Oct 8 2002, 12:35 AM
1: 235 2: 235 3: 235 4: 225psi. it tested out very good but i am led to believe that i have a bad valve guide in cyl #4

those numbers look damn good, seems there is always one that is off... mine was 1: 210 2: 210 3: 200 4: 210
I have a JDM b18c in my Civic. It uses no oil and runs like a champ. Buying JDM does increase the chances of it being rodded, but doesn't mean that they are all bad. It is like buying a used car that was leased. Some people don't give a crap since they know that they wont have it in a couple of years. There is still more people that take care of them, since as long as they have it they should take care of it.
Sweet that sounds good. Ya after i get my car back i'mma have friend just take it apart and see if the pistons and rods are all good... so i think i'm just ahve him do that. So do you run with the b18c1?
the B16A head is the same as the B18C5 head its just not PnP from the factory ... so with a PnP the B16A head is pretty much the same head as an ITR.... it will give more top end but not as much low and mid
i think that also yeilds a lower compression though. if i remember correctly