im getting my b16 next week

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Well i am finally getting my b16. i will be ordering it late next week or begining of the following week. I think im gonna get it from hondamotorsonline.. unless someone knows cheaper or better place.. but ill be getting a act street strip clutch and extreme preasure plate, itr header and itr intake well as some sort of cold air intake... and ill be up and running in abt 3 weeks..
ok so im right a shopping list for what i need is:
90 integra axles
throttle cable from 90 int
upper and lower radiator hose from 90 int
motor mounts
shift linkage
all new fluids
and the motor swap/.....

is there anything else?
do the timing belt and water pump while its out of the car.. and remember you need a mount kit from hasport or placeracing
try and make sure you have absolutley every part you think you may need before starting, scrambling for parts mid-swap is VERY stressful
so from the list i posted and the timing belt and water pump... is there anything so i have it all?
yes i have the wires and im getting the ecu with the swap... i do alot of stereos so wire is not a issue.... well hmotorsonline, is the shit im getting the jdm b16a for 1150 hassport mounts and linkage and axles for 1800 shipped...
yeah i love b16 too it is my second b16 and second crx.. so i now i wil like it swap im nervious... lol anyone wanna come to lafayeete in and help a bro out.. let me know