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All I keep hearing is that the H22 wouldn't put up too well with a turbo. Is this true? Is there a way to bypass it? Could sleeves work or simply bulletproofing it? Please help. :spin:
You can build just about any mtor to handle hefty boost. even a geo motor for christ sakes. (i'm not kidding i've really seen a fully built geo metro) I came in to this discussion late so i dont know what kind of boost you want to run. But it is allways a good idea to invest in good rods and pistons. Eagle makes reasonably priced rods that can handle 700 + hp. Also forged pistons are a good idea because A. they are stronger and B. you can use them to get a lower compression ratio. A lot of people will tell you that the higher the c/r the more hp you will make, which is true, but lower c/r will reduce the pressure in the combustion chamber therefore making it easier to run higher boost levels. This is becuase gasoline is not the most stable fuel and under intense pressure, it can combust before you want it to. This is refered to as detonation. with a lower c/r you will ensure that the fuel is not prematurley combusted. A stock honda crank can easily withstand 300 hp. stock sleeves should be able to do the same. If i am not mistaken, depending on which model of h-22 you have, it could be open or closed deck. if it is closed deck, then you are already ahead of the game because your sleeves are supported and are less resistant to move around at high rpms or break under intense pressure. I could be wrong about the closed deck thing.
some of the h series came turboed in japan. The rest can run safely on under8lbs, no problem (as long as youre not running a huge turbo like a damn garret t9041)
The problem with H22's are that they lack speed on the low want to put your best effort on the low end....get good traction control, good launch, and anything that'll benefit the low ends....turbocharging the h22 should be just right.....but be sure to get bullet proof'll be breakin them.....promise you that.....a good 8-10lbs should be okay.....for a daily driver.....i've seen h22 running 24-28lbs with TRUST.....them most fastest h22 i'v ever seen was turboed by a HKS.