K24a swap

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New Member
Hey guys. Im putting a k24a from a jdm accord in my RSX base.

Im having an issue figuring out the cooling line. On the k20a3 it has on in the head but people are saying i need to get an adapter. Can someone please help me with exactly the parts i need and what to do? Im stumped and cant find anything online.


Honda Minion
Which of the two cylinder heads are you using? Which of the two intake manifolds are you using?

If you use the cylinder head and intake manifold that match each other, there should be no issue. K-Tuned makes a upper coolant housing adapter if you wanted to use your K20a3 IM on the K24. If your new motor is the USDM TSX equivalent, I'd run that head and a K20Z3 (i.e. 2008 USDM Civic Si) RBC intake manifold and it will bolt right up with no need for an adapter. Just make sure the RBC is "uncut" (aka not modified for a K20A2 head). It's a great OEM IM.