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i didnt have to restart... i just ended those tasks. i thought it was funny as hell when it happened to me, i literally fell over laughing and crying, sorry nobody else thought it was funny lol
Its funny to a point, but now a days, ppl have shit on their computers that can't take the interuptions and or isn't fast enough to have that shit constantly pop up. My internet is setup, from the ISP, to lock my machine before it accepts spam like that and my firewalls dont like it either..

yeah that fucked up the ppl who have had to reboot without being able to save their work or something...
It still laughed pop up killer software didn't know what the hell was going on... :lol:
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Feb 24 2003, 04:17 PM
Yea, after it started I just said looked at it, sat back, then said to hell with it and went swimming.

Went swimming? You must be soflor or socal. Its 15 here in Oklahoma :(
yea its not even 15 here, we got 10 inches of snow and its crazy! sorry for everybody whos computer that fucked up, i didnt know anyone else would have to restart since i didnt have to, my bad!
Still doesn't sound as bad as the one a few months back,that popped up a gay porn picture.No tool bar no right click nothing just had to shut it down.
Originally posted by TRuggiero_@Feb 25 2003, 12:08 AM
HA, now thats fuckin funny, do you know how to do that? Cause my teacher would get a kick out of that.

What,link to a porn page you can't get off of?If you really want to I'll look and see if it survived the upgrade.

EDIT:nope looks like it got locked and the link removed.
There was one a long time ago that was something like this one where it added random people to your buddy list until it was full (200 i think) then send an IM to everyone on your buddylist saying "i take it up the pooper" or something ghey like that. Then it started opening up windows like crazy. Yea b. clicked on it and banned the person right away. I would be extremly pissed if while i was doing a paper or something like that then all of a sudden my computer gets nuked and i loose all my unsaved shit. Good thing i did not go to the idiots test thread untill it was locked and read all the posts.
Originally posted by Domeskilla+Feb 24 2003, 02:27 PM-->
@Feb 24 2003, 04:17 PM
Yea, after it started I just said looked at it, sat back, then said to hell with it and went swimming.

Went swimming? You must be soflor or socal. Its 15 here in Oklahoma :(

15? Boohoo. My thermometer said -30. Yeah, that's a negative in there. I live along a lake so it's a bit colder here, but in town 5 miles away the official temp was -20.
last night it got down to about 0 here. When I was driving home from work last night at about 12:30, my clutch pedal was a little stiff and slow it was so cold.
yesterday it snowed maybe 6-8 inches. I got my car stuck 5 times. Once I was just backing out of my driveway. That is when i should have just thrown it in first and went right back in my garage. Another time I had too much fun E braking. Another time some bitch cut me off and i ended up hitting a snow bank and spinning out (me and the sol where OK).

I really should have went to the junk yard and bought some cheap stealys because my yokahamas suck in the snow.
You know, I went up to Chicago like a couple of months ago, and saw snow for the first time. It sucks ass. A) It's cold B) Everybody's car looks like shyt, my uncle said something about the salt, but every car looks like it's a rally car. I don't know how you guys stand it. High of 78 tomorrow here in FL.
You poor bastards living in colder climates. I feel for you. I ditched out on CO and moved to Southern New Mexico. It was 65 here today. The only time I have seen snow here is when Chris came down from CO. I haven't had to wear a jacket over my t shirt since December.:)